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Tips for Purchasing High Quality Furniture for Low Prices

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Tips for Purchasing High Quality Furniture for Low Prices

3 Features To Look For In A Contemporary Dining Table

by Wayne Watson

Renovating your home can be a great way to refresh your living space. Many homeowners opt to change up their interior design during a remodel. If you are hoping to upgrade your home to a contemporary design, you will likely need to invest in new furniture.

The dining table serves as the focal point in a dining room. Contemporary dining tables can be difficult to identify, so watch for these three tell-tale features when shopping for a modern dining table for your home.

1. Mixed Materials

One of the easiest features to look for when trying to spot contemporary dining tables is the use of mixed materials. Many modern dining tables are constructed using contrasting materials to create a bold and striking design.

Metal legs or a base are usually paired with a wood tabletop by contemporary furniture designers. You can also look for dining tables that are made from glass or laminate, as these materials are common in contemporary design as well.

2. Clean Lines

Another important feature that helps define contemporary furnishings is their clean lines. Contemporary furniture is meant to be sculptural in its style and form. This means that you will not find any fussy supports or elaborately carved feet on a contemporary dining table.

The perfect contemporary dining table will be sleek and sophisticated, with one part of the table transitioning smoothly to the next.

3. Unusual Shape

Some contemporary furniture sheds tradition and features odd or interesting shapes. A dining room table that is contemporary in its design should have an unusual shape.

You can choose a large square dining table if you frequently host dinner parties. Most large tables are rectangular, so the square shape is unexpected. A square table actually allows guests to interact with one another more readily than a rectangular table, so your meals will be more entertaining.

If you need a smaller dining table, opt for an oval table instead. An oval table has gentle arcs instead of harsh angles, making it the perfect contrast against the angular shapes found in modern art that might adorn the walls of your dining room.

Selecting a contemporary dining table can be challenging. Pay attention to the materials a table is made from, the form of the table, and the table's shape to identify the dining table that will blend easily into your new and modern interior design scheme following a home renovation.

For more information, contact your local modern and contemporary furniture store.