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Tips for Purchasing High Quality Furniture for Low Prices

When I moved into my first apartment as an adult, I had no idea how to find good furniture that wasn't expensive. We had a local budget furniture store and a high-end luxury store, and while I didn't like the feel of the items from the budget store, I couldn't afford the prices of the luxury store! Although I was eager to prove my independence, I called my mom and asked for help. She told me that I was looking in the wrong place and led me to another store just outside my city that had quality furniture and great prices. She found great furniture for me that was high-quality and in my budget. She has since given me many tips about furniture to help me when I make new purchases in the future. I plan to share them here!

Tips for Purchasing High Quality Furniture for Low Prices

How To Care For A Wood Bookcase

by Wayne Watson

Not only is a real wood bookcase useful for holding and storing a variety of items, but it will also give any room in your home a casually elegant look. Authentic wood is appealing to the eye as well as long-lasting and durable. 

A wood bookcase will come in handy in most rooms, from a child's or master bedroom to the living room. In addition to holding your book collection, you can also use a bookcase to store school or craft supplies, decorative items such as picture frames, and collectibles and family heirlooms you want to show off. 

Bookcases come in a wide range of sizes and feature everything from two to five or more shelves, so you can easily find one that fits your family's needs. If you're buying a bookcase for a small child's room, pick a shorter version and make sure its attached to the wall for safety purposes. 

You can also find a wood bookcase to match your home decor style. For instance, if your tastes are more elegant than rustic, consider rich, dark, cherry or mahogany wood. For a more relaxed look, go for lighter oak or maple wood bookcases. Staining is also an option if you'd like to customize the color of the wood. 

Here are some tips for caring for wood bookcases to keep them looking their best.

1. Dusting

Depending on how busy your household is and whether you have small children and pets, you may need to dust on either a daily or weekly basis. Dusting the bookcase with either a microfiber cloth or a wood cleaner will remove unsightly debris such as pet fur and dander. It will also help to reduce the allergens in your home.

A few times a year, such as during spring and fall cleaning, remove all of the items on the bookcase and give the shelves a thorough cleaning. 

2. Polishing

Over time, daily wear and tear can leave your solid wood bookcase looking dull. Bring back the furniture item's natural luster and preserve its shine by treating it with a wood polish. You can also apply a liquid wax in several light coats to avoid streaking.

Allow the wood to thoroughly dry and then buff the surface to a shine before replacing items on the shelves.

3. Moving

When moving wood bookcases in or out of your home or just around a room, be careful not to bump it against walls or other furniture items, which can cause unsightly nicks or scratches. Use furniture pads to protect corners and wrap the bookcase in bubble wrap or sheets when hauling it on a truck or trailer.