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Tips for Purchasing High Quality Furniture for Low Prices

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Tips for Purchasing High Quality Furniture for Low Prices

How To Strip Hardwood Furniture

by Wayne Watson

The great thing about owning solid hardwood furniture is that you can customize it. That is, if you ever want to change the finish on your furniture, it can be a fun DIY project. Refinishing an old piece of hardwood furniture is going to breathe new life into it, completely change the style, and protect the wood. This article explains the best tools and supplies for stripping hardwood stains.

Two Methods

In general, there are two ways to go about stripping hardwood. First of all, you can try to move the entire stain with just sandpaper. This is the preferred method because you don't need to use any harmful or expensive chemicals. You can also use chemical staying strippers which are meant to break down the stain and make it easier to remove. Some people don't like using these because they end up having to use a sander to remove the stain anyway. It really depends on how strong your stain is bonded with the wood.

In reality, you cannot know how difficult it is going to be to remove your existing stain until you start to work on it. So, the best method is to just get out your sander and start to work on it. If it seems like the stain is coming off quite easily, don't bother using chemical strippers. If the stain is being stubborn and you estimate that is going to take very long to remove all of the stain, you might want to consider using chemical strippers.

Using Different Sandpaper Grits

Using vibrating power sanders is usually the most effective. However, you also need some handheld sanders in order to reach all of the tight corners on your furniture. Sanding is always going to be easier if you start off with a lower grit sandpaper. For instance, a medium grit paper (like 100) will help to break down and remove the majority of the stain. However, the finish that leave behind will still be a little rough. You need to have a smoother finish so the new stain can be applied effectively. So, you will need to go over the entire piece with a fine grit (over 200) paper.

The final step, once you have the stain removed from the wood is to further smooth it out using steel wool. In some cases, the removal of the existing stain is going to be the most time consuming and difficult part of your entire project. For more information, contact companies like Black Carriage Furniture.