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Tips for Purchasing High Quality Furniture for Low Prices

When I moved into my first apartment as an adult, I had no idea how to find good furniture that wasn't expensive. We had a local budget furniture store and a high-end luxury store, and while I didn't like the feel of the items from the budget store, I couldn't afford the prices of the luxury store! Although I was eager to prove my independence, I called my mom and asked for help. She told me that I was looking in the wrong place and led me to another store just outside my city that had quality furniture and great prices. She found great furniture for me that was high-quality and in my budget. She has since given me many tips about furniture to help me when I make new purchases in the future. I plan to share them here!

Tips for Purchasing High Quality Furniture for Low Prices

How Do You Choose Your Mattress Firmness?

by Wayne Watson

There are two different things to consider when purchasing a mattress: firmness and support. Firmness is provided on the upper layer, while the support is found in the middle of the mattress. It used to be believed that you needed a firm mattress for good back support, however even a soft mattress can have a great support system if it's built correctly. Picking the wrong mattress firmness can leave you feeling achy in the morning and irritate any old injuries. Here are a few things to consider when deciding what kind of mattress is best for you.

How Do You Sleep?

Knowing what position you sleep in is of paramount importance. When choosing firmness, you want a mattress that accommodates the pressure points on the body that bear a lot of weight, while supporting lighter parts of the body, like the curve in the spine.

Back sleepers- Sleeping on your back is the healthiest option all around.  It gives you the most options when choosing a mattress because it disperses your weight across your body. Feel free to choose soft or firm!

Side sleepers- Softer mattresses are better for side sleepers because they tend to hold their body weight in their arm, shoulder, and hip on the side facing the mattress. A firm mattress can cause discomfort and even pins and needles in your arm.

Stomach sleepers- If you're a stomach sleeper, firmer mattresses are for you. When sleeping on your stomach, your weight is focused on your hips and pelvis. If you sleep on a firm mattress, this will prevent your pelvis from digging into the mattress and putting strain on your lower back.

Your Weight

The more you weigh, the more pressure your body will exert on pressure points while you're asleep. If you're on the heavier side, sinking into a softer mattress may ruin the alignment of your spine.

Injury & Pain

If you have recurring pain or an injury, this might affect your choice of firmness in your new mattress. Softer mattresses can be good for joint pain; however, if they're too soft, they could make the issue worse, while medium to medium-firm mattresses seem to be the best choice for those with lower back pain. At the same time, adjustable bases on a mattress help you find the most comfortable configuration for your new mattress.


Softer mattresses make it more physically difficult to get in and out of bed, so if you have stiff joints or mobility issues, firmer mattresses are the best choice.