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Tips for Purchasing High Quality Furniture for Low Prices

When I moved into my first apartment as an adult, I had no idea how to find good furniture that wasn't expensive. We had a local budget furniture store and a high-end luxury store, and while I didn't like the feel of the items from the budget store, I couldn't afford the prices of the luxury store! Although I was eager to prove my independence, I called my mom and asked for help. She told me that I was looking in the wrong place and led me to another store just outside my city that had quality furniture and great prices. She found great furniture for me that was high-quality and in my budget. She has since given me many tips about furniture to help me when I make new purchases in the future. I plan to share them here!

Tips for Purchasing High Quality Furniture for Low Prices

How To Keep Your Mattress Clean

by Wayne Watson

You sleep on your mattress each and every night. You probably clean your sheets and bedding, but what about your mattress? You should keep this clean as well, although it isn't as simple as tossing it into the washing machine. Cleaning your mattress will not only help you feel clean, it can keep your room smelling fresh and can help prevent bed bugs from invading your bed as well. See below for tips on how to clean your mattress.


Each time you change your sheets, you should vacuum your mattress. This may also be the time when you vacuum your bedroom, so the vacuum cleaner will already be there. Remove all bedding, then take the vacuum extension and vacuum the mattress to remove hair and lint. To give it an even fresher feel, sprinkle baking soda onto the mattress along with a few drops of essential oil (such as lavender), then allow it to sit for about ten to twenty minutes. The baking soda will soak in any bad odors, while the oil will help give it a fresh scent. Vacuum up the baking soda/oil mixture for a fresh mattress.

Stain Removal

To help remove any stains on your mattress, use baking soda and vinegar. Sprinkle the baking soda, then spray the area with some white vinegar. The mixture will begin to bubble, which means it's working. Allow it to sit on the stain, then wipe it up. Vacuum any leftover baking soda particles. If the stain is still there, try using the same mixture, but add a few drops of dish soap to the vinegar spray.

Bed Bug Prevention

Bed bugs like to hide in mattress crevices, then feed off of your blood like tiny vampires. Investing in a plastic mattress and box spring protector will help prevent these bugs from taking over your mattress and your bed. You can find these specialty bags at your local mattress store. If you have seen any of these bugs, it's possible that you have them in your room as well. Prevent them from getting onto your bedding by washing your bedding in the hottest water possible, then be sure to vacuum your bedroom thoroughly. Wipe down all surfaces in your room, including your walls, ceiling fans, and light fixtures.

Keep your mattress clean for a fresh feeling as well as a good nights sleep. A fresh and clean mattress can also help prevent bed bugs from invading your room.